Authoritative Management Of Complex Medical Malpractice Cases

We trust doctors and health care professionals to properly diagnose and treat our illnesses and injuries. We rely on them to ensure the health and safety of our families. Sometimes health care providers and hospitals fail to do their jobs properly, leaving patients seriously hurt or ill, or worse. And in most cases, they will deny that any wrongdoing occurred.

If you or a loved one was injured because of medical negligence, you should consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. With proper legal representation, you may be able to obtain compensation for your losses, damages, and pain and suffering.

Protecting The Rights Of Patients And Their Families When Medical Negligence Has Occurred

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in West Chester, Pennsylvania, our attorneys serve individuals and families that have been affected by medical malpractice. We can make sure you have expert resources and strong legal representation if your case involves:

  • A birth injury
  • Hospital negligence that caused harm to you or a loved one
  • Surgical errors that never should have occurred
  • A medication error related to the wrong medication or the wrong dose of the right medication
  • Emergency room negligence
  • Drug rehabilitation malpractice

Every case is different. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “diagnose” your own case. Talk to an attorney who can help.

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