The Most Cowardly Accident: The Hit-And-Run

How can someone drive into your vehicle, or into you, and then speed away? What kind of person does that?

Sometimes they are sociopaths, or people who just freak out and drive away. Often, they cannot afford to stay around. Most often, they are uninsured or driving without a license. The police may be able to locate and prosecute them.

Your problem is money. How do you pay hospital bills and keep food on the table when you have no insurance company to turn to?

Understanding UM Coverage

The answer is that you do have an insurance company to turn to — your own. Most drivers opt for UM (uninsured motorist) coverage in their auto policies. UM coverage is cheap, and it extends coverage to a whole set of nasty problems:

  • Accidents in which the other driver has no insurance
  • Accidents in which the other driver has some insurance, but not enough to pay for all the care you require
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Phantom accidents — in which at-fault drivers do not realize that they have caused an accident and speed away

The problem with UM coverage is that your insurance company is no more enthusiastic about writing you a check than any other insurance company. Clients often come to us because their own insurance company is playing games instead of paying up. Our attorneys are masters at explaining to insurance companies how insurance works. We work to get you paid in full, without delays and without your insurance company suggesting that your injury is exaggerated.

West Chester Hit-And-Run Accidents Lawyer

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Our lawyers also pursue wrongful death claims when a family member is killed in a hit-and-run.