The Charge Of Attempted Murder

It’s Not Just The Thought That Counts

Just because an intended victim didn’t die doesn’t mean the accused can’t be charged with a crime. Someone who has the intent to kill another person and takes action to kill that person but fails to do so can be charged with attempted murder. In this context, however, planning a murder isn’t enough to secure a conviction; the accused must have taken steps to put the plan into action. If convicted, a person charged with attempted murder could face years or even life in prison.

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Building Your Defense

To convict a person of attempted murder, the burden is on the prosecution to prove that the accused intended to kill and took direct action in pursuit of that goal. Establishing the intent to kill can be trickier to prove, as it requires an assumption of a person’s state of mind. Proof of direct action may be easier for the state to show if there is evidence that the accused engaged in, for example, stalking or ambushing the victim or breaking into his or her home. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to evaluate the evidence against the accused and determine weaknesses in the case to build the strongest possible defense against the charges.

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