Charged With A Repeat DUI?

Pennsylvania takes a hard stance against driving while impaired (DWI/DUI) by enforcing significantly harsher penalties for third and subsequent offenses. If you are facing a third or higher DUI charge, let the attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP defend you.

The Three Tiers Of BAC Levels

When determining sentencing for DUI charges, Pennsylvania uses a three-tiered system for blood alcohol content (BAC) levels:

  • First tier: BAC .08 to .099
  • Second tier: BAC .10 to .159
  • Third tier: BAC .16 or higher

Penalties increase for higher BAC levels and the number of prior DUI convictions. Also, if your DUI charge resulted in the death or injury of another person, the charges are much more serious. Keep in mind, police can still arrest you for impaired driving even if your BAC is below the legal limit.

If convicted of a DUI at any tier, you face a mandatory license suspension of one year or longer, you will have to install an ignition interlock device for one year and pay fines up to $10,000. The court may also order you to attend an alcohol treatment program. Punishment for repeat DUI offenses often includes incarceration with mandatory one-year sentences for higher-tier BAC levels.

Negative Consequences Of Multiple DUI Convictions

Losing your job after a third or higher DUI is a genuine concern, especially if you must serve time in prison. If you are terminated after multiple DUI convictions, it can be difficult to find other employment. Multiple DUI convictions also significantly increase your car insurance premiums and many insurance companies will not cover repeat DUI offenders. If you seriously injured or killed someone while driving under the influence, you may also face a civil lawsuit for damages.

Our lawyers have extensive experience fighting DUI charges. We will explore every opportunity to have the penalties reduced or changed to alternative sentencing options. For a free consultation, reach out to us online or call 610-314-7066. We’re located in West Chester and Pottstown.