Avondale Criminal Lawyer

If you are being investigated or charged with a crime in the borough of Avondale, Pennsylvania, you should contact an experienced criminal lawyer immediately. It’s important that you are made aware of not only your constitutional rights, but also the disadvantages of speaking to the police without the benefit of a seasoned Avondale criminal attorney.

Avondale is a borough in southern Chester County, home to about 1,400 people. Despite its relatively moderate population, several types of crimes occur in Avondale with relative frequency. Those crimes range from such things as driving under the influence (DUI) and theft cases to more serious charges like sexual assault and burglary. Avondale borough is policed not only by the local Avondale Police Department at 8934 Gap Newport Pike, but also by the Avondale State Police at 2 Moxley Road.
The District Court 15-4-01 914 West Cypress Street, in Kennett Square, PA 19348. The District Justice is Matthew Seavey.

Experienced Avondale DUI Lawyer

If you are charged with driving under the influence in Avondale, make sure to hire an experienced Avondale DUI lawyer who knows what the police have to prove to meet their burden. In DUI cases, the Avondale police have to prove not only that the accused was operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08 percent but also that they had either probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop the motor vehicle in the first place. If you are charged with or being investigated for the crime of DUI, make sure that you consult with an experienced Avondale DUI attorney immediately.

Hire An Experienced Former Chester County Prosecutor

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, our lawyers have extensive experience defending accused individuals against serious crimes. We have experience representing individuals against charges involving:

  • Drug crimes such as possession, paraphernalia offenses and intent to deliver. Some of the most common drugs we see are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Molly and prescription drugs like OxyContin, Xanax and Adderall.
  • Sex offenses such as rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and other such charges that can lead to mandatory imprisonment and sex offender registration.
  • Theft crimes, including white collar crimes
  • Post-conviction issues, including appeals, probation violations and expungement of records

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