Safe drinking tips for Pennsylvania college students

Pennsylvania college students should know a few expert tips for safe drinking to reduce their chances of having a run-in with the law.

College is most certainly a time of self-discovery and exploration, but some Pennsylvania college students discover the perils of unsafe drinking and the repercussions they can have. While it is common for parents, teachers and other authority figures to inform current and soon-to-be college students about the dangers of alcohol abuse, it never hurts to learn a few more tips to stay as safe as possible. The right information can potentially save a person’s life and future.

Keep a close eye on drinks

It is vital to keep a close eye and hand on drinks while at a bar or party. Date rape drugs are commonly slipped into drinks while a person is unaware, and such drugs are often odorless and colorless. As an added note, college students should watch whoever makes their drinks and get their own drinks so they know exactly what goes into them.

Understand the widespread effects of alcohol abuse

While everyone should be aware of the many effects of alcohol, those effects are especially important for college students who may not understand just how widespread the repercussions of alcohol abuse can be. For instance, over drinking can lead to failing grades, a number of mental health issues, having to pay for alcohol education programs, thoughts of suicide and unsafe sex. While such effects are entirely possible without alcohol, alcohol abuse can most certainly exacerbate the chances of them happening.

Ensure there is a level of trust at parties

Going in groups to parties, bars and other places where there is going to be alcohol is another good idea. It is often harder to target individuals in groups, as it is easier to tell when one person is missing or has had too much to drink. For times when students want to go to a party alone to meet new people, they should tell someone they trust where they are going and check in with that person throughout the night to be on the safe side.

Know the school’s policies regarding alcohol

College students should also make themselves aware of their college’s policy on alcohol, as such information can keep them out of trouble and make them aware of their rights as students. For instance, schools might have alcohol education programs to better inform students of how they can do their part on cutting down on problems with alcohol on their campus. Just because a student does not drink does not mean he or she is not affected by those who do.

The above suggestions go a long way in helping Pennsylvania college students stay out of the trouble associated with alcohol abuse. For situations in which things get out of hand, turning to an experienced attorney is often the best bet.