Tips for making a theft-proof home

There are a lot of ways homeowners can protect their property from theft, including preventative measures and some new technology.

While many homeowners in Pennsylvania may think that a home security system is all they need in order to prevent their home from becoming a target for burglars, the fact is that there is a lot more that can be done to lessen the likelihood of this unwanted event from occurring. The types of steps that can be taken vary from securing possessions in a way that prevents them from being taken to making the home seem less appealing to those who are looking for a place to break into. It is important for anyone who prioritizes safety to be aware of as many theft-prevention strategies as possible.

Some preventative steps

The first things that every homeowner should do involve setting up safeguards in anticipation of the contingency of having their home targeted. One simple thing that is perhaps one of the most important is to double-check that all doors and windows are locked. Unwanted visitors can slip into an open window at any time of day, even when people are at home and in another room. When moving into a new neighborhood, it is a good idea for people to get to know their neighbors and exchange contact information. A good neighbor can be asked to keep an eye out for any suspicious or criminal activity while the homeowner is gone for extended periods. If it is possible, getting a dog can actually serve as a great deterrent, as dogs will bark at anyone unfamiliar coming up to the house, which is enough to scare away most thieves.

Technology to mitigate home invasion

Being on good terms with neighbors and having a dog are a couple effective ways to make a home less of a target for theft. However, some criminals are stubborn enough that they will try anyway, and there is a lot of technology now that can help in these cases, such as the tech in the following list from Popular Mechanics:

  • Live cameras can now give a video feed of the inside of a home directly to the phone or computer of whoever owns the system.
  • Security Mailboxes are designed to be sturdy and strong like a safe. For those particularly concerned with mail theft, a camera can be installed nearby as well.
  • Motion-sensing lights set up outside a home will come on if someone is poking around outside, alerting the homeowner and any dogs that there is a potential threat.
  • Smart door locks are a newer kind of tech that requires a code or fingerprint scan to unlock a door. While these units can be pricey, they are much more secure than physical key locks.

Any homeowner can do a walk-around to determine if there are any security weak-points that can be improved with more secure technology.

Anyone in Pennsylvania who has been the victim of theft could be looking at a substantial loss. An accusation of theft can be just as stressful and troublesome. When one of these situations arises, it may be helpful to contact an attorney in the local area who practices Criminal Law.