How To Immigrate To The United States Through A Family Member

Family-based immigration is one of the most common ways people come to the United States and start a life here. Likewise, if you already live here but don’t have a lawful immigration status, you may be able to get a green card through a qualifying family member — that is, someone who has a green card or U.S. citizenship.

U.S. citizens can petition for a green card on behalf of the following relatives:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Step-children
  • Siblings

Green-card holders ( permanent residents) can petition for children and spouses.

If you’re considering immigrating through a family member (or petitioning for a family member), it’s wise to consult with a lawyer. Contact our attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP to discuss your options during a free consultation.

Immigrating Through Marriage

Marriage to a U.S. citizen or green-card holder is another common pathway to immigration. However, immigration authorities take these situations very seriously. They will closely scrutinize your relationship to make sure it’s genuine. It’s important to be prepared — and to submit thorough documentation proving your marriage isn’t for immigration purposes.

Watching Out For Potential Roadblocks

Even if you have a relative who is willing to petition for you, that alone isn’t enough. The law outlines numerous requirements you must meet in order to get a green card. Any number of roadblocks can stand in your way, including:

  • A criminal history
  • Prior immigration issues (including undocumented presence in the United States)
  • An inability to prove you’ll have sufficient financial support
  • Failure to pass your medical examination

Our legal team can help you identify any potential problems and strategize how to overcome them.

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