Understanding Immigration Law: What You Should Know

For those who weren’t born with U.S. citizenship, making a life in the United States isn’t easy. In fact, for some, our complex immigration laws can feel virtually hopeless.

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in West Chester and Pottstown, Pennsylvania, we can help you navigate these processes. Whether you’re seeking a green card, applying for citizenship or facing deportation (removal) proceedings, you can turn to us for knowledgeable guidance.

Why The Immigration Process Can Be So Difficult

In general, U.S. immigration laws are designed to keep people out rather than let them in. It’s up to you — the prospective immigrant — to show that you fit into one of the narrow categories of eligibility. You must also demonstrate that you don’t have any of the countless grounds that could disqualify you from a visa, green card or U.S. citizenship. The process may involve mountains of paperwork and multiple interviews. Additionally, due to the annual quota that applies to many types of visas, you may have to wait years (or even decades) for a visa to become available.

Removal/Deportation Proceedings

If you get caught in the U.S. without papers, you could end up facing deportation (removal) proceedings. Green card holders can also be deported if you violate certain conditions of your status — for example, by committing certain crimes.

It’s important to know that there are defenses to deportation. Even if you aren’t able to stay in the United States, at the very least, you may be able to keep the doors open for immigration opportunities down the road. Our attorneys can help you pursue the best option for your situation — including your short- and long-term goals.

Discuss Your Immigration Case During A Free Consultation

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